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Major errors in 2014 mid-term essays NTU

Edited by Robert S. Hsu, Ph.D., R.Ph. (California)

6.13.2014 (Friday)


Major errors:

Singular or plural (noun, pronoun, verb. adjective)

Eight parts of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb,

    preposition, conjunction, interjection)

Tense (verb)

Sentence pattern (for a given word)

Transitive verb, intransitive verb

Literal translation of the Mandarin Chinese into English 




 one of the most magnificent beach (beaches) in the world.


When we reached the airport in Taoyuan, one of my friends’ parents asked her not to go to Philippines which just happened the Guang Da Xing No. 28 incident (which is involved in the Guang Da Xing incident).


There were a multitude of activities for tourist (tourists) to participate (to participate in).


Boracay is the place harvest for mango (where the farmers harvest mongo),


In Boracay, it contains two main center (two --- centers) called D mall and E mall  


For example, it was the first time that I saw the polices (police, or policemen) standing in front of the hotels and restaurants due to their high crime rates,


Traveling around is good for us which can not only broaden the horizon but also away from (but also keep us away from) the pressure temporarily.


If I have the chance to go another country (to go to another country) next time, I think I will choice (choose) the tropical island again such as Boracay to experience the similar culture and flash back the trip (flash back to the trip) in Boracay.


People always say “live and learn”, and learning may including (may include) two part (two parts), gaining knowledge and building up creativity.


Many grown-up (many grownups) think that learning is something base on (something based on) the scores and rewards, so that if there’s no instant feedback and (to be deleted) it’s meaningless for them.


Since that (For that reason), learning become (learning becomes) less creative, more boring, exhausting, tiring and disliked.


But, when most people recall their learning process in their young childhood, they might descript (might describe) it interesting, free and full of magical imagination.


 , if there were no tests and homework and grades, we would not have spent (would not spend) so much time and efforts on it, despite we all know that it is important for us in the future.  

I found that I really enjoy (enjoyed) singing when I was only ten years old.  

It just like (It is just like) a big family connected by music.  

A professor whom I learned from in senior high school told me that I should found (should find) an interest that I can keep all life. In Chinyun, I found a new world I would never want to leave.


 By a view of biochemistry (From a biochemical standpoint), through the process, high level of free radicals will produce (will be produced) in our bodies and these active particles might attack DNA, RNA and some critical molecules.


He not only introduced me softball, but also invited me to join our department’s team after next semester would come (in the second semester).

Without him, I think that I would have no chance to touch softball among my life (in my life).


First, it’s (it   was) a four days three nights (four-day-three-night) travel,


Going on a trip with strangers is really fresh to me, and all of them are funny and humor guys (humorous guys).


She is so cute that one of our members asked her phone number for contact (asked her for phone number). After then (Then), it surprised me that there was an incident happened  and managed (there was an incident that was managed) by Bosozoku, who were a a group of high school students.


It’s weird that none of the car drivers sound their horn (sounded ---) and they all rounded them. Later, five police cars arrived the scene (arrived at or arrived on the scene) rapidly to deal with this farce.


This travel is really worthy that I expect myself can visit in more other countries (I expect that I can visit more countries) to broaden my horizons in the future.


I am (have been) a student since entered in kindergarten (since I entered kindergarten).  


They also can introduce me “where you study in” loudly (introduce me loudly about what college I go to). But the problem still not solve (But the problem is still not solved).


Now, I join in (or join) NTU’s family. When I study in classes, I realize the different significantly (realize the significant differences). In NTU, most of students pay attention to the class and glad (are glad) to ask questions.


But the previous school that I study in (in the previous school where I studied), some of them are not.


Ten months past that I join in this family (Ten months have passed since I joined this family). I still not accommodate to (I still have not accommodated to, or I still have not accommodated myself to) the new surroundings.


And also let my parents proud of me (let my parents be proud of me). I will take to heart in this two years (take it to heart in these two years).


Because I participated in more than a club in my college, I had chances

to contact with different people (to contact different people) and things.


Everyone walking on the street wears a short sleeves (short sleeves) including me.


This time I am not reading the textbook and preparing the examination (preparing for the exam), I make a plan for myself.


It is very tired to do a lot of thing (a lot of things) in summer without resting, but I think it is more interesting than sleeping in home (sleeping at home) and feeling bored.


First, I want to make a progression (make a progress) in playing basketball, so I go to shoot the basketball and running everyday.


I will be busier to doing (busier doing) practical training in hospital.


The temperature is higher days by days (getting higher and higher day by day), I think the summer is actually coming.


I hoped no matter how the economic developed there (no matter how the economy  was developed there) would still a place (it would still be a place) for the muntjacs to roam and the goshawks to fly.


 Look the sight of his back, I (Looking at his back, I ---; or catching the sight of his back, I ---) couldn’t help but start to weep.


How long he would (How long would he --- ?) take to get home? How did he know the way to home…? I had no idea to this question. (I had no answer to this question).


My father is night years elder than my mother, so he dominants everything (he dominates everything) in the family.


Things goes (have gone) different since I started going to college.


Maybe my leaving home made the chance to talk to each other became deficient (made us unable to talk to each other), so I cherished the time spending (the time spent) with my parents very much and tried to talk more to them.


I stared to understand more about my serious father and my tender mother by chatting with my father and listening my mother (listening to my mother) talking about her feelings.


My father seldom worried (worries) about things because he is a calm and clever person and he know (he knows) exactly what to do when bumped into things (when he bumps into things, or when bumping into things).


When I got to the hospital that weekend, I saw my father who looked tired but relief (looked tired but relieved) sitting on the cold and hard chair in the hospital. I knew that he had lived there accompany with my mom (accompanying my mom) for almost a week.  


After arriving the hospital (arriving at the hospital), I spent the weekend taking care of my mom.


 --- because she still couldn’t went to (couldn’t go to) the toilet herself.


I had never taken care of patient like this and didn’t even fall asleep at night. I realize what my father did for my mother for the past days and he didn’t look inpatient (look impatient) at all.


This is my prolouge (prologue or prolog) and I use it to tell you that a professional pharmacist must have memories like an elephant, as he has to memorize a considerable number of drugs and their scientific names, let alone all the mechanisms and interactions of drugs. Otherwise that would be fatal for patients to take drugs.


For instance, if one found (finds) that he had caught (has caught) a cold, then he buys syrup to drink, ---

 Text Box: B00403056 李佩芷

 Xiao Bai ate so many meat (so much meat) and became large and fat. I used to suspect that Xiao Bai might have hypertension or hyperlipemia.  


Although my grandparents and my mother had kept dogs and we love them very much, I still thought Xiao Bai was the most lovely one because we kept Xiao Bai when it was a little dog (we had kept Xiao Bai since it was a little dog).


Everybody has their unique characteristics, and influences my life in a great extent (to a great extent), especially my father. Now, just let me introduce him to you.


 But, if they never change their behavior and continue making noise, my father will be very angry and call police to handle it with no slightness hesitation (with no hesitation, or without slightest hesitation) .

 Additionally, food is always cooked by boiled or steamed (by boiling or steaming).  


Even if sometimes some of his principles made me feel disturbed, I will never doubt that he is not putting his family at priority (he won’t give priority to his family, or he won’t place priority on his family).


We are looking forward to get (are looking forward to getting) a monumental achievement this year!


The speed of the ball when I throw it, the distance of the ball travels (the distance the ball travels, or the distance of the ball traveling) when I hit a homerun, and the shock face (the shocked face) of the batter when I strike him out all makes me love this ball (all make me love this ball) even deeper! I think I will keep on play it (will keep on playing it) no matter what job I do, where I live, how old I am!


The game company earns money mainly by releasing new products periodically, in Yu-Gi-Oh 3 months a boosting pack. Each boosting packs usually contain (Each boosting pack usually contains) 80 or more new cards, with different rarities.


 Consequently, a market specialized for Yu-Gi-Oh is formed, and several factors contributing to the market price of Yu-Gi-Oh is discussed (several factors --- are discussed)  in the following paragraphs.


 It is difficult to explain leadership but I only can tell you that the characteristic of a good leader (can only tell you about the characteristics of a leader).

You might be a leader, but how can you to do it better (but how can you be a better one?).

 But I want say that (want to say that) it can be trained when you are chosen to be a leader.  

He should be able to adapt the changing world (adapt himself to the changing world, or adapt to the changing world) and find new solutions to problem. He becomes a failed leader and lose (loses) his member (?) faith as he is always conservative.

He can listen the other people's opinion (listen to the other people’s opinion) and choose a suitable method.

A clear mind can let him to solve (let him solve) a emergency (an emergency) quickly.


At the other way (In the other way), he knows a principle, more haste, less speed. This principle can help to manage many problems.


He can solve a problem without offend another people (without offending other people). He is aware of his susceptibilities peoples (is aware of the fact that people are susceptible) and not (and will not) jibe at their weakness or hurt their self-respect.


Sometimes, a leader doesn't (isn’t) intelligent. Maybe he hasn't (does not have) any strengths, he knows what kind of the people he need (he needs) in this team. His insight can help him look for the people who has (people who have) special ability can work with him (and can work with him). He is not perfect and he will be jealous of  others. But he will try to beyond the others (will try to surpass or excel or go beyond others).

In a nation or a organization (an organization), a good leader is a very importance existence (important existence).

Most important of all, we all know that life journey has a lot of crossroad (a lot of crossroads), so we should choose the way which has a good future consequences (has good future consequences)!

 As far as I am concerned, the future consequences are more important than the present benefits, so we have to pay more attention on (pay more attention to) the future benefits.


If we focus on the trade pact and omit the cross-strait before (?), this agreement will somehow benefits Taiwan’s economic and globalization (will somehow benefit

Taiwan’s economy and its globalization).


 It was not only an incident of violence but also a China’s interference to (interference with) its neighboring country.


The selfless devotion and dedication during these days will all be remembered, make a fine page (and will make a fine page) in Taiwan’s history.


We wish our island will be like sunflower, always facing the light and left darkness behind (always facing the light and leaving darkness behind).


            There is few things (There are a few things) on newspaper can trigger (that can trigger)   my enthusiasm and make me continually follow it`s developments (its developments).


 At the same time, I found there were several students established an organization (there were several students who established an organization) intended to communicate (intending to communicate) with the government and discuss about the law (and to discuss the legal issue).


What is the defects (What are the defects) in 12-year compulsory education law which make me support the concept but against the law (but not the law)?


To compensate the potential problem (To compensate for the potential problem), they came up with a new type of examination.


 If the government itself wasn`t confident to (confident of) their policies, how could they make people to trust them (make people trust them).


     Most of us probably have his/hers (our) favorite sports.


Nowadays, table tennis is the sports that most people participate in, especially for Asia (Asians).


The speed of the ball that hardly could be seen (could hardly be seen), the spin of the ball that created beautiful arc, the sound of the ball contact the rubber (that struck the rubber), the long, excellent rally, the cheer of victory……all of the element arouse (all of the elements aroused) my tremendous interest to (interest in) table tennis.

From (Since) that period of time, I buried myself (I have buried myself) into it.


As the result (As a result), I joined in the table tennis club, receiving more chance to get training, improving my skills.


Large amount of exercise always exhausted me, and it was always frustrated (it was always frustrating) to be defeated by others in matches.


Nevertheless, my enthusiasm to (my enthusiasm for) table tennis never faded away.


I also find pastry shops in Taiwan is (--- are) a second surprise for me.


 I think the representative product is pineapple cake. It not only reserves the traditional hand-made process, but also create (but also creates) many new flavors according modern society changes (according to modern society changes).


Third (Thirdly), I love the “century-old shop” for their sincere smile and hospitable service.


After I just sit down in the table (sit down at the table), looking the old wall (looking at the wall) and some old decorations, I feel relaxed and can settle down to simply enjoy my meal.  


   In my view, the love of delicious cuisine is ingrained with our DNA though the trend is that we have less and less time spend in  cooking (have less and less time spent on cooking),


The third principle of my father is eating healthy (eating healthily).