Words about Ability:


精明 (n)

acumen (-KYOO-)(n):

keen insight/keen discernment, shrewdness in practical matters/acuteness of mind/keenness of perception, discernment and discrimination

business acumen and judicious handling of capital

loses confidence in the acumen of reviewers

a lack of business acumen

remarkable acumen in business matters

a gifted orator with a lack of business acumen

the triumph of national brands over local loyalty, of business acumen over

    upper Northwest idealism

Her political acumen won her the election

Here was a man of extraordinary sensitivity, political acumen, spiritual

    power, sexual wildness, a free spirit if ever there was one

the historical acumen, the steady shrewdness, and the uncommon common

    sense had the business acumen to know that  the market for sportswear

   was becoming oversaturated.

the acumen of an accountant

to have a rare combination of charm, intelligence, and political acumen

a man with some statistics acumen

He sickens me with his arrogance and lack of technical acumen.

War has left many p[eople with little education, let alone business acumen.

At 22, his baseball intellect and acumen is surprisingly refined.

He has been credited with a businessman’s acumen and the tact of a



實務歷練  (n)

savvy/savviness (SAV-):

expertise in a particular field/practical know-how/practical understanding/practical knowledge/common sense/practical grasp/practical experience

political savvy

business savvy/baseball savvy

a candidate who seemed to have no political savvy

She is an excellent scholar of political science, but lacks the kind of savvy

    needed to run for public office.

I don’t have the savvy necessary to do the job.

All this suggests that, with a little marketing savvy, the possibilities for

    celebrating the unfamous are limitless.


A very savvy(a) investor, he was among the first to see the potential in

    tech stocks. (= experienced/well-informed/shrewd/showing practical

    cleverness or judgment)

a savvy digital music owner

Savvy theater owners already knew the key to success, adapt or die.

In your research paper, you come across as pretty savvy with respect to

    terminology and technology of information (to come across as = to give

    the impression of being/to produce an impression).

He is savvy about computers.

Most of them are pretty savvy fellows, they know the answers.

The answer to the question is a resounding no, boys are not more math


It’ll be shown in this election whether or not it pays to be social

    networking savvy.

If you really are as computer-savvy as you say, then you already know that.

College presidents appear to be more tech-savvy than the members of the

    public are.

For any fashion savvy individual, these products are prized possessions.

to do sg savvily


To savvy (vt, vi): to understand/to comprehend.

The man growled, “Don’t ever date my daughter again.  You savvy?”

He savvied them, they fitted into his language.

I take of myself- savvy?

No savvy! (= I don’t understand)

examples dict.


過人才華 (n)

prowess (PROU-):

exceptional or extraordinary ability or skill ; (military) exceptional bravery in combat or battle

his prowess/military prowess/political prowess/technical

    prowess/intellectual prowess/executive prowess/organizing prowess

his prowess as a public speaker/the politician’s prowess in debate

power derived from technical prowess

America’s naval and military prowess

an extraordinary display of prowess on the battlefield(= strength of mind to

    carry on in spite of danger)

He is known for his prowess on the football field

the intellectual prowess melded (= blended/merged) with a willingness to

   be politically incorrect

the prowess in human athletes

She stood 6 feet tall and had enough bulk and muscle to amze audiences

    with her prowess.

Apple does not have the executive prowess to run a huge but struggling


Nothing is the gastric prowess of pigs.

No serious player attributes his prowess to mere equipment.

His supple intellect, burgeoning political ambitions, and organizing

    prowess, have garnered far less attention.

In admitting graduate students, you look for promise and potential as much

   as prpwess.

He has no particular record either of military prowess, or of outstanding

    administrative ability..

He goes on and on about his prowess in that area.


最高最新境界 (n)

state of the art:

the latest and most advanced stage of a technology, art, or science/the highest level of development/very up-to-date

The new television set reflects the state of the art in screen technology.

the current state of the art

Three thousand years ago, sg was the state of the art. (= the level of

    development reached at any particular time)

    a state-of-the-art amplifier (= the best/the most recent/up-to-the-minute)

This is a state-of-the-art camera.

The movie is state-of-the-art Woody Allen.


藝術才能/藝術特質 (n)

artistry (AHR-):

artistic workmanship, quality or ability

    a product of the ethical and spiritual artistry of individuals

the artistry of this first chapter/the artistry of this novel (= artistic


to be on the winning side in every argument requires an artistry not always

    fully appreciated. (= artistic ability)

the artistry of this violinist/the lawyer’s artistry in persuading juries/the

    singer’s artistry

the high level of artistry in painting miniatures


天份 (n)

talent (TA-):

abilities, powers, gifts endowed upon a man by nature/natural endowments; a special innate or developed aptitude for an activity of a creative nature; general ability; a person of talent in a specific activity; one who is talented in a performing art

the stewardship of your time, talent, and treasure (= natural endowments/a

   special natural or inborn ability)

a talent for drawing/a talent for cooking

His musical talent was already apparent by the time he was five.

    the possessor of rare talent as a pianist (= a special aptitude)

    a special talent/some of the best talent

a singer with an enormous amount of talent

I have no musical talent./his artistic talent is obvious

mental characteristics connected with mathematic talent

the American mind with its great talent for satire.

credits the ladies with a great talent for intrigue

has no talent for metaphysical speculation

a man with a great talent for ingratitude and unsociability

students with talents (pl.) in music

opportunity for the exercise of his political talents (pl.)

He has a job that makes the most of his talents (pl.)

His experience, skills, and talents make him perfectly suited for the job..

the labors of many scholars of talent and some few of genius (= general

    mental power)

This task calls for shere imaginative talent

The most significant talents in contemporary writing (= a person of talent

    in a specific activity)

Younger talents came to the fore. (to come to the fore = to make oneself

    visible/to take action/to become prpominent or important)

methods of recruiting athletic talent (= collectively a number of persons of

    talent in a specific field)

competing for top-grade scientific talent

an immense array of legal talent

one of Hollywood’s most luminous talents (= a talented person in a

    performing art)

The cast include many of the theater’s major talents.

one of our big spontaneous musical talents

staging the show with local talent (= collectively those in a performing art)

The young talent caromed off to Hollywood.

to encourage younger talent to consider a scientific career




技巧() (n)


knowledge of the means or methods of accomplishing a task; ability to use one knowledge effectively in execution or performance; dexterity in the execution of physical or mental tasks, especially technical competence without ability for further elaboration; an acquired aptitude or ability; a craft; a skilled person

Skills disappear when we fail to put them to work. (= knowledge of the


Poker is a game of luck and skill

He had acquired valuable skills during his life at sea. (pl. = knowledge

    gained by living through sg)

He revealed considerable skill in the practice of law. (= he ability to use

    knowledge in execution)

sufficient political skill to govern wisely

He has excellent social skills.

loss of motor skill in the use of the hands

With unbelievable skill, he completed the work.

a volume of verses which show skill in versification but little originality in

    thought or form (= technical competence)

to acquire learning skills/the work is difficult and requires a lot of skill.

Cooking is a useful skill..

the language skills (= the acquired aptitude)

the endless skills the human hand is capable of developing

practiced the skill of a carpenter (= the craft)

Canoeing is a difficult sport or skill. (= a set of actions become smooth

    through practice)

    Immigration of skill is welcomed in all areas. (= a skilled person)