October 16, 2020 (Friday)  Original


神農子英語 2  (Mandarin/English 2)




to fade vt. 定義與用法舉例 (9):

**使失去艷麗- to fade vt. (=to cause to lose brightness etc.). 例: Sunshine faded the drapes. 日光使窗簾失去艷麗. 例: Years of harsh sunlight had faded the car, which was once fire engine red. (=to make white or whiter by removing color.) 數年烈陽已使汽車火紅顏色不再豔麗(變白).- **使失去新鮮或活力 to fade vt. (=to cause to lose freshness or vitality =to wither). 例: Time has not completely faded the humor of these verses.時間未讓詩句之喜樂 蘊涵盡失. 10/14/2020 (Wednesday) 神農子編著.