April 19, 2012 (Thursday) (year of dragon)    Original


     恭賀  徒妹美國 Pharm.D. 入學成功




    某徒妹, 芳齡 24, 第一次考2011 FPGEE,  得分高過 100, , 真是不簡單!!!


      她已取得美國 Pharm.D. 入學許可o


      特別祝賀她  龍年行大運, 步步高升!!!


        她是誰? 不能告訴你, 哈!!!


My Facebook pages have posted the following statements that I've made:


    1. One of my recent achievements is helping a young lady obtain admission into a Pharm.D. program in America, but I'm only playing an assisting role, for the success lies, for the most part, in the quality that a candidate has!!!
      Since Pharm. D. pharmacists are high paying professionals in America, it's really hard for an applicant to get accepted by a pharmacy school today. I might say that all of the successful applicants that I know well are in a state of euphoria for quite a long while after they receive the good news of acceptance from the pharmacy school.

      My advice to future applicants for admission into Pharm. D. programs in America: make up your mind as early as possible, identify the candidate's qualities they're looking for, and work hard to cultivate those qualities in yourself and make them part of your character!!! It’s easier said than done, ha!!!