August 21, 2007 (Tuesday)



理由是: TSE是這2地華人的第一難關!!!考取了再花錢克服其他關卡!!!  久久考不取 的人, 就得考慮放棄進軍USA的

念頭, 其他銀子才不致白花了o

我的徒弟徒妹們若仍未考取TOEFL/TSE, 請放心, 我會幫助各位躍過這一難關!!!

下文很重要: FPGEE. TOEFL, TSE考取後, 有效期都是無限:  各位帥哥美女就請安心先讀好英語文吧!!!



FPGEE, TOEFL, and TSE Score Expirations Eliminated




The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce that the NABP Executive Committee has approved the elimination of the two-year time expiration of the Test of English as a Foreign Language™ (TOEFL®), Test of Spoken English™ (TSE®), and Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination® (FPGEE®) scores.


Effective immediately, a passing TOEFL or TSE score reported to NABP per procedure retains its validity, giving the candidate as much time as needed to pass the FPGEE without having to retake the language portion of the Certificate program. Previously, candidates were required to pass the TOEFL and TSE within either two years before or two years after passing the FPGEE to maintain the validity of their passing scores. In addition, NABP has eliminated the two-year time limit on the length of the validity of a candidate’s last FPGEE score. Please note Educational Testing Services® (ETS®) has not changed its policy and will continue to report TOEFL and TSE scores for a period of two years only.


NABP has also modified the acceptable language tests for Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee™ (FPGEC®) Certification based on the ETS phase out of the TOEFL and TSE. These tests will be replaced by the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT). Effective September 24, 2005, candidates may submit TOEFL iBT scores in place of the old TOEFL and TSE scores. Over the next year, the new TOEFL iBT will be phased in worldwide as the old TOEFL is phased out country by country. The TSE examination will continue to be administered until June 2006.


During this transition period, either minimal acceptable TOEFL iBT scores or the combination of minimal acceptable TOEFL/TSE scores will satisfy the language requirements for FPGEC certification. The minimal acceptable scores are as follows:


TSE – 50

Computer-based TOEFL – 213

Paper-based TOEFL – 550

TOEFL iBT: Writing – 24

Speaking – 26

Listening – 18

Reading – 21


The decision to modify the FPGEC requirements comes after a total review of the language requirements for certification. This modification will not diminish the standards set for certification, but will allow candidates additional flexibility in the certification process.


For more information about the changes to the FPGEC Certification requirements, please visit NABP’s Web site at or contact the Customer Service Department at 847/391-4406 or via e-mail at


NABP is the independent, international, and impartial Association that assists its member boards and jurisdictions in developing, implementing, and enforcing uniform standards for the purpose of protecting the public health.





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